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BUFFALO is aiming to do logistics from China to South Africa and whole Africa.

We provide one-stop service to our client in China: Domestic set goods, Booking & declaration, oversea clearance, Oversea warehouse and Overseas dispatching.

Our HQ is in Shanghai, Africa head office is in Johannesburg. We have set warehouses in Shanghai and Shenzhen. We have a 6000m3 bond-warehouse in South Africa, self owned distributing team, 40 drivers, 30 more vehicles. We are now reached average 4 days, fastest 3day door-to-door delivery(from Shanghai to Johannesburg).

In the next 6 months, we are going to set up 3-5 Set warehouses all over China. In 2 years time, we will have our own warehouses, main hubs to create a logistic systems that can cover the whole Africa, and use our own management system to achieve efficient management. It can make "BUFFALO" become the biggest "Logistic Services Provider" and No.1 on-line retail channel provider from China to Africa.