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Prohibted & Restricted Items

[Prohibted Items]

Aerosol cans / sprays.

Airbag Modules.


Animal skins / Furs / Any Animal Parts including meat / Ivory and ivory products.

Any item that is not boxed.

Box with Hazardous label – Items sent with a Hazardous label attached will be classed as such. DO NOT RE USE OLD HAZARDOUS BOXES.

Cheques or Tickets that are not named.

Dangerous goods – eg Explosives / Fireworks / Christmas Crackers / Radioactive Materials / Deactivated or Replica Weapons and Munitions / Firearms / Swords / Knives / Axe / Chainsaw / Anything with a blade larger than 1.5 inches / Weapons.

Dry Ice

Engines / Generators / Gearboxes or any part containing or having contained oil/petrol unless flushed through.

Fire Extinguishers / Life Jackets.

Food items (Perishable) Outside the UK.

Gold & Silver, Jewellery including Watches over £250.

Goods moving under ATA Carnet and all temporary exports and imports; goods moving under FCR, FCT and CAD (Cash Against Document).

Hazardous materials eg Paint / Adhesives / Chemicals / Flammable resins/ solvents/ liquids / Compressed Air & Empty cylinders / Items containing any gases – See Also Household goods.

Household goods containing flammable or corrosive liquids, such as oven or drain cleaners / perfume, aftershave/ hairspray/ nail varnish and remover/ antiseptic wipes …

Human Remains / Body Fluids.

LED, LCD & TFT Screens over 32inches (under 32 inches Restricted cover).

Liquids / Adhesives / Paint / Oil / Creams / Gels.

Live / Dead animals.

Magnets or items containing ferro-magnetic material.

Milk Powder to China.

Mobile Phone with Sim card / Mobile phone with or without Sim to any Residential address in Turkey.

Money, Keys, Negotiable items / Payment cards.

Paintings to the Ukraine.

Passports / Birth Certificates / Driving Licences.

Personal Effects – Prohibited to Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, Pakistan Completely & to China over £100 – Restricted to all other Countries.

Plasma Screens of all sizes.

Pornographic materials.

Soil / Clay.

Television screens – all sizes of Plasma screens as well as LED, LCD & TFT screens over 32inches (under 32 inches Restricted cover),

Tobacco and tobacco products.

Toner / Ink Cartridges / Printers / Fax Machines or Photocopiers to any destination outside of the UK.

Wet or Lithium Batteries (This includes any iphone ) (Not including Dry Cell).

White Goods -fridges, ovens- (also known as range, stove, cooker, cooking plate, or cooktop), Cooker hood, Microwave Oven, dishwasher, Washing Machine etc.).

Written Prescriptions / Prescribed Drugs / Medication / Any Controlled/Illegal substance including Khat to all areas.

Car Bumpers and Car Panels Prohibited on all Services.

Musical Instruments.

Any item that does not have internal packaging to protect the item.

Any item that is not boxed.

[Restricted Items]

Precious metals, diamonds and other stones.

Bullion, money, credit cards, debit cards, ATM cards, cash-replacement cards, store and gift vouchers and cards, travellers’ cheques, securities, bonds, deeds, bank notes, treasury notes, stamps, and similar cash substitutes.

Documents, manuscripts, plans, designs, photographic negatives, patterns, moulds, and the like.

Antiques, paintings, statues and other objects d’art.

Furs, leather, skins and the like.

Cigars, cigarettes, tobacco and similar high-duty items.

Temperature controlled cargoes, fresh foodstuffs, bagged foodstuffs, all perishable items.

Audio, visual, and audio-visual equipment or accessories, including all such portable or hand-held devices; photographic equipment and cameras of every description, lenses; computer and peripheral equipment of every description and software licenses.

Laptop and handheld computers, including PDAs and multipurpose devices; satellite navigation and speed camera detection or warning equipment; games consoles and portable electronic games; mobile or satellite telephones, pre-paid mobile phone vouchers; SIM cards; and any components, parts, accessories, or associated software.

Non-ferrous metals and scrap metals.

Second-hand goods, rejected goods and returned goods.

Timber, cement and other building materials.

Bulk cargoes.

Goods packed in inferior/inadequate packaging.

Household goods and personal effects; privately-owned motor vehicles.

Glass / Mirrored items / Crystal / Ceramic / Pottery/ Porcelain/ Plaster / Marble / China / Stone / Slate / Resin / Granite / Concrete – (or any item containing these materials).

Plants / Seeds / Flowers / Plant derivatives.