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Overseas Warehouses

BUFFALO's overseas warehouses are located throughout South Africa, with a total area of 35,500m². They are safe, stable, and efficient overseas storage products launched by professional operation teams in China and Africa, providing customized solutions for cross-border e-commerce goods warehousing and distribution for customers.

After customers place orders, export companies can directly use BUFFALO's local delivery service through overseas warehouses for local shipments, greatly reducing delivery time and clearing customs barriers. Batch shipment of goods reduces transportation costs, and customers can easily return or exchange goods locally, improving their shopping experience.

Overseas Warehouse Capabilities: Annual handling capacity of over one million shipping orders、 Shipping time less than 24 hours、 Warehousing time less than 48 hours


  • One-piece Shipment

  • Faster Delivery

  • Timely Dispatch

Fee Charge Method (Specifics can be confirmed by consulting with our business customer service)

  • ● Charges are based on volume and handling fees. For specific prices, please contact our customer service staff.

Common Questions

How can I cancel my delivery?

If you want to change to self-pickup at the warehouse, please Contact Us for assistance.

If the package is already in transit, it cannot be canceled. Please refuse to accept the package when the courier delivers it.

For more assistance, please click on Service Support for further information.