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Air Freight for Bulk Cargo

Air freight for bulk cargo is a cost-effective service provided by BUFFALO for cross-border suppliers to send packages weighing over 20kg, covering the entire South Africa region. With high cost-effectiveness, BUFFALO provides the safest and most comprehensive chain service to ensure the security and stable delivery time of the cargo.


  • Cost-effective

  • Suitable for Large Cargo

  • Stable

Fee Charge Method (Specifics can be confirmed by consulting with our business customer service)

  • ● Billing Method: Charged from 20kg, with increments of 1KG for packages below 1KG
  • ● Volumetric Calculation Method: Volumetric weight will be calculated based on 6,000 for the total volume of the package

Coverage Area

Nationwide in South Africa, please click&check for specific Postcode&Suburb

Delivery Time

Estimated delivery time is 5-15 days, with priority clearance and daily flights. Delivery time may vary depending on the destination and local holidays in South Africa. Please confirm the specific delivery time with our Customer Service team.

Delivery Information

  • ● Receipt Time: 9am-6pm, Monday to Sunday
  • ● Receipt Address:New Receipt Address:Our Guangzhou warehouse will be moved to the new warehouse on April 26, 2024 (Friday). Please deliver the goods to our new warehouse address from April 26th. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.
  • New Receipt Address: BUFFALO Warehouse, first floor, Building 1, No. 70 West Huadu Avenue, Tanbu Town, Huadu District, Guangzhou
  • Qiu Song 189 2878 0682

Common Questions

How can I send a package through your service?

Please register/login on our website to place an order, or Contact Us for further assistance.

How to modify the declared value/quantity/HS code if needed?

If the order is in the status of "Order Confirmed," customers who place an order through their own account can cancel the order and place a new one with the updated information. For customers who place an order through a supplier account, please contact your supplier to make modifications.

Once the package enters the domestic transfer warehouse, it is not possible to modify the declared value/quantity/HS code.

How to modify the delivery address/contact phone number?

Before the package arrives at the destination country, please log in to your BUFFALO account, open the order that needs to be modified, and click "apply" to make the necessary changes. Please note that for orders placed using a supplier account, please contact customer service for assistance with modifications.

After the package has arrived at the destination country, it is not possible to modify the delivery address/contact phone number.

For more assistance, please click on Service Support for further information.