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When will my package arrive?

Please send your tracking number and inquiry request to our customer service personnel for processing.

How can I send a package through BUFFALO?

Please register or log in to our official website to place an order, or contact us for further assistance.

Package dimensions and weight.

Log in to your account to check the size and weight of packages that have been received and stored in our warehouse.

Shipment costs and rates.

Click on Quote and enter the relevant package information to check for a quote.

Does BUFFALO support local government delivery services?

Yes, BUFFALO provides this service. If you require this service, please contact our business email at bd@bufflogistics.com.

Update your profile.

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Are there prohibited goods?

The International Air Cargo Association, International Civil Aviation Organization, and other relevant government departments or organizations have defined harmful goods, dangerous goods, prohibited goods, or restricted goods; parcels classified as dangerous goods, or parcels that BUFFALO deems unsafe or illegal to transport, including but not limited to those involving animals and their parts, currency, bearer securities, counterfeit goods, precious metals and gems, firearms and their components, ammunition, human remains, pornography, and illegal drugs/medications. If you are unsure whether your package meets international express mailing conditions, please Contact Us to confirm.

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