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Why is it necessary to provide an importer code?

South African customs require the recipient to provide an Importer Code to complete customs clearance. According to South African customs policy (SC-CF-19 2.1), starting from August 9, 2018, our company will require the recipient to provide an Importer Code or ID to complete the customs clearance process. Please note that if an ID is provided, the total declared value cannot exceed ZAR 150,000 per year.

After you place an order, we will confirm whether the recipient needs to provide an Importer Code or ID to complete customs clearance as soon as possible. If it is confirmed that the recipient needs to provide an Importer Code or ID, we will immediately contact the recipient and record the information provided to ensure that the package can clear customs smoothly. For recipients who have provided an Importer Code, our system will automatically record the information for future clearances.

How can South African locals apply for an importer code?

1. Provide bank statements to prove your bank account (or car bank).
2. Provide a copy of your South African ID.
3. Provide proof of residence (water and electricity bills).
4. Provide proof of phone number (bill or affidavit).
5. Write an application letter stating that you want to apply for an Importer Code.
6. Submit a copy of your South African ID, proof of residence, phone number (bill or affidavit), and application letter to the police station for certification.
7. Print your personal income tax number from the S.A.R.S income office.
8. Submit all of the above documents to South African Customs.

Please ensure that your authentication information is true and valid, otherwise your application may be rejected, or you may be asked to return to the police station to re-authenticate your information.

Note: The entire application process usually takes 10 working days, so please apply for an Import Code in a timely manner, otherwise it may affect the efficiency.

Please download the relevant customs forms here.    LAPD-LSec-CE-RA.PDF        DA 185 4A1.PDF

Register your importer code now.

Please click here to register your importer code.

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